Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm loving it

Sat 21 July 2007
Have not gone out with mummy alone for a long time.
This morning, she took me out alone to a trial music class.
It's our 2nd time there.
1st time, mummy wasn't impressed but decided to give them another chance.
This time, they played National Anthems and I danced to them!
Guess which's my favourite?
Majulah Singapura, of cos!.

Oh well... Mummy once again thinks that I'm not very engaged there and that she can do the same things with me at home, so bye bye Siempi School of Music.

After that, we went to my favourite resturant for breakfast while waiting for papa to join us.


Auntie Meg said...

Wow, this picture looks as if is a McDonald's advertisement leh. Is very taken. Very nice.

{Jolynn} said...

What a cute picture !

Hann Hann said...

Thanx, Aunt Meg & Jolynn jiejie. will pass ya compliments to my papa.

bloom the winx club said...

Hi Tim Hann, belynda jie jie here! I love all your pictures! Hahaha, I like the one when you are riding the NTUC car. You look like you are an expert that knows how to drive a car very well. Well, do you like water very much? You look like you love water so much!

Hann Hann said...

Hi Belynda jiejie,

I love water because they are ever changing.

by the way, leave your blog address so I can link you.

Do you want to be under "cute babes" or "lovely ladies"?