Friday, February 20, 2009

Singapore River Cruise

Thanx to Singapore Tourist Promotion Board,
we've got free ride on the bumboats by Singapore River Cruise.

We arrived on the dot: 9:00am
The opening hour for Singapore River Cruise.
and still managed to be among the 1st 2009 visitors.
I think they're the least popular among the participating Tourist Attractions
but doesn't mean they are no fun.

Joseph is not here yet, let's go for a walk, Mummy.

The nearest toilet is in Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM).
I've been to almost many museums but have yet to visit this.

These statues are acting out how our forefathers negotiate with one another along the Singapore River in the early days.

Warning: There's no food available in this area so early in the morning.
Eat before you go or bring ya own food.
otherwise, you'll end up hungry like Mummy and I. boohoohoo...

Initially, I wasn't very enthu about the boat ride and even said I didn't want to go on the boat.
but once Joseph is here, I started to tell him excitedly about the boats, river, etc and all ready for the boat ride.

Our parents are amazed how Joseph and I can talk and understand each other.
Let's Shoot!

Joseph, "What have you got there, Ah?"
"Ah" - that's what Joseph calls me.

Check out some of my shots:
taken by Hann 1

Taken by Hann 2: told you I like to snap my feet.

taken by Hann 3.

What do you think of my photography skills?
Not too bad eh?
but I still have a long way to go compared to my papa.
See his shot here.

We finally boarded a bumboat and sat at the open space at the back of the boat.

We went under bridges after bridges along the Singapore River.
and I started to ask, "again?"
to which Joseph followed, "again?"
and we went "again?" "again?" non-stop.

It started to rained and we moved into the sheltered area on the boat.

I finally got to see the "original" merlion.

The other "free" attraction is the Singapore Flyer.
Heard the 2009 free tickets were fully redeemed by 9:30am.

Joseph calls the Esplanade "Durain".
and shouted, "bye bye Durain!"

soon we were back at the pier.
and the rain stopped!

Thank God for stopping the rain when we reached the pier.
The rain was on and on when we were there but God kept the rain from us.
Thanks be to God for the nice and cooling weather.

To enjoy the free and fun ride like us,
remember to text 2009 to 79777
and be early on Sat!

valid for the next two weekends.
see my previous post for other venues and more details.


Joyce Long said...

Hi Ariel,

Thanks for sharing...indeed a nice family outings...

Wow..Hann really can take very nice shots...envy

pc said...

very very nice outing~! and seems that, weather is breezing too...

oh yes, hann's skill awesome:),

Hann Hann said...

it was cooling when we reached there but sunny when we finally sat on the boat. then it rained a little while we were on it.

Thank God for the good weather.

alexis lim said...

hey hann , i like to shoot my own feet too u know ;)
but mummy always delete it away .. hahaa

Hann Hann said...

aiyo. u don't know how many photos I've taken were deleted by my mummy. but she oso keeps some silly ones which my papa warned her against.

our computers are exploding with photos.

ED said...

Looks like great fun!

I should have brought my kids as well...

Hann Hann said...

Still can go, Uncle Ed. just needa pay. haha.

Hann Hann said...

Uncle Ed!

Now (March) it's free for two children/senior citizens with 2 paying adults.

u can save on Nicole's tickets. =p