Thursday, November 15, 2007

SpaceMan Hann. My Name

Many people ask about my name.

My name is Leong Tim Hann 梁天行(xing).

Some think my father is a Starwars siao
cos 天行者 is Skywalker in chinese,
plus the Han Solo...

Actually, my name has nothing to do with Starwars.

天行 means 任天行
which means "according to God's (天) ways", or more aptly,
"at God's disposal".


《易经》 also records Mr Johnny Kong 孔子 saying


I seriously don't know what that means,
but 自强不息 happens to be part of NTU's 校训.
NTU is the university my parents studied and met each other.

picture taken from CCLC, NTU website.

somebody please tell Mummy what the other 4 words beside 自强不息 are.

As for Tim Hann, that's 天行 in Cantonese, spelt ang-mo-ly.

better than Tin Hang, right?

Coincidentally again, Tim means "honour God / fear God" and Hann means "gift from God".

so they're quite in line with my chinese name.

This picture was taken at a photography convention a few weeks ago.

Can you regconise me in it?

I can't.

If you ask me who's in the photo, I will say "papa".

~ . ~ . ~

Mummy's take on “天行健,君子以自强不息.”

Hann (天行) is healthy, the gentleman (i.e. Hann) should be strong and dont' rest.