Thursday, December 31, 2009

Graduation Concert

My school had a Graduation Concert in the 1st week of December.

thought it'll be a good post for the close of the year 2009.

Where are my parents?
see me trying to find my parents in the audience in this video.

Once I found them, I gave them this super huge smile.
Mummy was impressed that I continued with my dance moves and didn't wave my hand at them.

你对着我笑, 我对着你笑



See us dance in the video below:

For the finale, all the children went on stage.
I was blocked by the toddler stars at first but I popped out my head to see my parents.
I even say "I love you" to Mummy.
was surprised that she can "hear" me from the audience.
Actually she lip-read.

To See other children from other levels in this concert, click this album.

This one's for you, MinMin Ah-yi:

My papa made me do the dance again and sing the song when we got home.


Sunflower said...

Hann is sooo cute!

Joyce Long said...

Hann is absolutely good at performance..

Eager Beaver Schoolhouse's Toddler said...
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Teacher Hui Leng said...

Hann is so cheerful when 自唱自跳.. He has made through his first concert.. Well done!!

jolynn said...

hahas, hann looks extremely cute in the rabbit costume :)

Yanhong ah-yi said...

Hann is so cute! haha... but why the dance and singing for Min min ah-yi only? (hehe.. just jokin)
But hor, actually, Hann mummy, did you realised the few pics that Hann is in the costume looks like his Yanxin ah-yi small that time?

Hann Hann said...

cos she requested for more videos.

my mummy doesn't really think i look like YX-Ah Yi in this leh.

Thank you all for ya compliments!

Teacher HuiLeng, you've taught me well mah.

kkf said...

soooo good! haha