Sunday, January 27, 2008

Update on the lack of Updates

saw this title on Sparlette's blog and really love it.

now I've got the chance to use it on my own blog...

oo... sorry for the lack of updates.

My home PC is undergoing upgrading so for a long time, we can't use the computer at all.

then mummy's laptop has finally threw in the towel. Apparently her harddisk is super full or perhaps papa used the laptop to do something to the home PC. Somehow, her laptop started to give the "blue screen" every now and then, and now finally died. boohoohoo... no more Elmo's videos for me.

Worse, Mummy's issued a tablet PC by her school. supposed to be great right? but it can't be charged nor does the AC power works. Power adaptor checked by so many people and concluded that the laptop itself got problem. but the irritating HP people refused to pick up the tablet. they insisted on trouble-shooting thru' the phone. it's a total waste of time. so Mummy's gotta wait wait and wait for her tablet to be fixed. silly HP.

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