Monday, May 5, 2008

Birthday Breakfast 之 Cake

I didn't know there was a cake for me...
Then this Uncle from Novus Cafe started pushing out the cake. everybody tell me that my cake is here.
whoopee! I was so happy, I was bleaming from ear to ear.
Mummy was sad that she didn't manage to get any cutie cake for me. She went to grab one last minute the night before. but I was happy just having a cake. any cake. Moreover, this is a special cake: Mango with Pulor Hitam.
Me happy over the cake.


I insisted on cutting the cake myself.

I cut every single slice to be served that day.

Mummy insisted on holding my hand and do it together. Women... They just can't trust men.

Check out how Joshua eats the cake.

enjoying the cake with my friends.

Nice place, eh?

Me trying to take pictures like papa. check out my photos in the previous post!

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