Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mummy's day out

without me! Humph!

Hann's Mummy said...

Last Friday 24th Oct 2008

after sending Hann to school, I went to sentd my other "children" into the exam hall for their EMath Paper 1.

Despite my reminder the day before, people are still forgetting to bring their Math instruments like compasses, etc.

After the "children" settled down, I went for my thyroid review.

Thanx to a colleague who sent me to the MRT station.

Blood test results was ok though TSH's still low.
Me still not coping well with thyriod and got emotional at the clinic.
Somehow everytime I go to Dr Kevin's I'll feel like crying and this time, I just keep tearing.
Doc asked me why but I can't really put it into words.

Once done at Doc's, Decided to give myself a treat at
Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge and Restaurant.

been wanting to visit this cafe for a looooong time but never did until now.

I was welcomed by the lovely cakes.
and surprise surprise, they ain't as expensive as I imagined.
If I didn't remember wrongly, it's $4.90++ per slice.

I sat in the corner by the windows right at the end.

Thank God I was in time for breakfast (I love angmo breakfast).

ordered salmon omelette.

Everytime when I'm out and having food suitable for Hann, I'll think of him and wish I'd bring him. but then again, I'm happy to have some quiet time.

thumbs-up for the omelette breakfast.

the ala carte menu's not so pricey too.
I'd say comparable to any other cafes.
See their website for the menu.

wanteda just have breakfast...
In the end, still couldn't resist and ordered a dessert: honey dates muffin.
nice but a bit dry.

They serve "strawberry water".
Not that I'm a fan of strawberries (those who know me longer may know why. ha)
but it's quite nice and different from the norm: lemon water.


Next destination for the day was SOTA.
and planned to walk around then take a cab down.

then I met a friend, two friends rather, and their lovely daughter.

This girl's grown to be more and more like her mother.
and she likes me. *smile*

Many thanx to them for sending me to SOTA.


t's a Cluster Learning Journey to School of the Arts (SOTA).

er.. nope, I'm not a Visual Arts Support Group Member.
Just there to kaypoh and check out the school.

While waiting for others to arrive, I walked around the campus.

They have this very small canteen and I wonder if it's big enough for the whole school.

SOTA is now occupying (until end of next year) the previous LaSalle at Goodman Road.
I walked around the school and reminisce about the last time a friend brought me there.
It's a lovely campus and I wonder what they're going to do to the place when SOTA moves out.

The session began.
After the introduction, a detailed one no less, we went on a school tour, starting with their visual arts exhibition.

What are these two looking at?
A heap of sanity pads?

oo.. they're reading on what are the students up to with this exhibit.

It's actually a student project on habitats.
This group stuck sanity napkins on a broken umbrella.
It sure was the attention of the room.

there're more interest stuff underneath!

This piece caught my attention in the next room.
and it did arrest the attention of a few others.
Cute or what?

What's in the room.

another fun work.

We then proceeded to the dance studio where the students were having classes.

photo taken from SOTA website, scribbles by me.

The students (not this group in the picture) did a dance for us.
I think they were marvelous, radiating confidence when they dance, though their teacher, Ms Cheah may not agree. She's wonderful too, full of passion for her job, dance and love the students.

there were only 2 boys in that class and one of them injured hence only one left dancing with the girls. He was naturally the focus for the visitors.
One of them asked him why he chose dance out of the 4 art forms in the school and he answered that he is passionate about dance.

Seeing Performing Arts, looking at Ms Cheah, talking about passion, reminds me of Philip.
It also makes me think about myself and my passion.
Do I have a passion? What's my passion? and where has it gone to..?

SOTA's really a great school.
One of the staff said, "If I were a teenager, I'd definitely choose this school."

I said, "If my son is a teenager, I'd definitely enroll him into the shcool."
ha. well... I suppose it depends on whether he's into the arts.
It's too early to tell now.

It's a school which belief and approach to education (synthesizing subjects together rather than presenting them as individual blocks) is the same as mine.
Yet I feel too old, too drained, too little energy to join them.


mamabliss said...

will pray for God's healing hands to be upon you... *hugz*

Yeah i love the Copenhagen Cafe too... oooh those lovely strawberry water... shall try that at home one of these days ;) thanks for sharing...

wow... those activities in SOTA is enticing me... looks really fun and cool!

pc said...

what a day you had... hugs & blessing you...

Hann Hann said...

not Hann but Hann's Mummy said...

thanx, girls.

lifewithC said...

hey, no wonder you commented on looking fat in the photo. hugs to you dear, don't let it get you down!