Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kidsfest 2008: The Jungle Book by ACSian Theatre + Public Crayon Mural

Very sorry for the late post.
Mummy was on course yesterday then left her camera in the car...

If you catch this post in time, today (Tue 27 May 2008)'s the last day of Kidsfest 2008

Free lunchtime show at 12.45pm: Little People by Anderson Theatre Circle
Venue: Drama Centre, Foyer, Level 3 National Library

Also featuring:
White Forest Installation by LASALLE
a public Crayon Mural

Check out the Crayon Drawings and drawing area behind me. I won't call it a Mural though.

ah.. I'm going to contribute to the collection.

what color shall i use?

Draw away!

Nah, not drawn by me.

This is my work. drawn to the beat of the drums.

drums in the Jungle Book Drama

Animals in the cage?

They are free to roam!

The young girl sitting in front of us was so scared, she kept moving backwards to lean on Mummy.

Can you tell what animal is this?

and these?

Curtian call!

well done, ACSians!

though I didn't manage to sit through the 30 mins but it was still entertaining. love the drums especially.


小丘 said...

forgot about it, and missed it, aiyo, seems like very fun.

Hann Hann said...

quite fun.

best part is.. got free vitagen for all!

pc said...

aiyoyo, i missed it too. :<.

thanks for sharing ya, you really good into kid's fun in town.

so... see you today~! ^^