Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kiss it make it better

Hann's Mummy wrote:

15 MAY 2008

Went to my annual check up at WK Tan's Clinic. I almost freaked out when the nurse said I needed to do a blood test.

It was just a prick on the finger really, nothing like the needle and stringe, crunching of fist, drawing blood and all, but I hated it all the same. perhaps it was the bad experiences at the GP's, perhaps it was the frequency that blood had to be drawn from me... I didn't know when I started to fear blood tests.

Well... I kept the plaster on my finger on even after I got home.

Hann was sweet. very sweet. He saw the plaster, I said, "Mummy pain pain," and he took the finger and blew kisses it in. so very sweet. He did it a few times and subsequently later in the evening, he even planted real kisses on the plaster.

Thanx, Honey, you did make it better. I love you.