Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mozart Exhibition

Mozart: A Child Prodigy
$15 per adult, $7.50 per child
children under 6, free.
Taken from the Museum's Children's Season Handbook for Parents and Educators

Topics Related to the exibition:
Costume and wigs
life in the past and the present

Mozart and his music (Mummy adds)

Suggested Learning experiences
Read stories and talk about Wolfgang Amade (Mozart) and how he lived during the Rococo period
Get the children to share their daily actibities and compare with Wolfgang's.
Make your own musical instruments using everyday household itens such as spoons, salt and pepper shakers filled with beads, ladles and plastic bowls. (Hann's Mummy thinks this is more appropiate for Murmurs Playground)
Create your own language by replacing the alphabet with symbols of your choice. Write a letter to Wolfgang Amade (Mozart).
"Mozart: the Boy who changed the World with his Music" by Marcus Weeks
"the Cat who loved Mozart" by Patricia Austin
"Play, Mozart, Play!" by Peter Sids

Do I look like one of them cubby angels?

Met my friend, Rowena, at the workshop. She had fun too.

Check out these pillows. besides having "bugs" on them, they have music coming out of the pillows. cool eh?

Taking a ride on the carriage. I climbed up the high seat myself. =)

The "driver" seat was too high and it was sloping down so I couldn't get up on my own.

Then I found this little wooden horse in Mozart's toy box. I had a whale of a time puling him all over the exhibition hall.

on the dance floor with little horse.

Hey little horse, curtsy to the Queen.

Check out the auditorium.

Another toy I found in Mozart's Toy box.

Mummy said it's a whip for the horses. I like to use it as a fishing rod. See me fishing at the "pond".

Actually, from her readings, Mummy concluded that as a young boy, Mozart didn't get to play much with these toys. instead, he played on the violin most of the time. That's how he became a child prodigy, on top of his good genes of cos. ha.

Besides these, you can dress up like people in the olden days and put on a wig. I didn't do that cos I didn't like the wigs.

There's also a station where you can write with feathers. Didn't do that either cos the station was always full house. I'd rather run around with little horse.

O. there's also a mock up of Mozart's humble house.

Mummy's Ratings:

Not worth the $15 if you're no fan of Mozart.

was expecting something more like telling the life story of Mozart and lotsa Mozart's music piped in the background. but the only music we hear is from a piano (not invented at the time of Mozart) at the corner of the room. perhaps it was because it was too crowded.

Do go on weekdays if you can.

Hann's ratings:

Great place to run around with little horse. Very spacious. We spend 1 hour there. $15 for 1 hour, is it cheap than gymboree?

All happening at the National Museum of Singapore

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