Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I can draw!

Yup! I can draw. not just doddle, you know.

I'll smile to myself when I manage to pen down what I want to draw.

Papa and Mummy were surprised that I can hold the pen in the "correct" way.

hmm.. what to draw next...

Can I shade like using a color pencil?

My drawing:
Mummy asked me what I drew and I explained to her.

Circled in black is a Tree and the two circled in blue are teddy bears.

Nice? Nice?

Mummy was so proud of me.


小丘 said...

very artistic and nice indeed! Clever hann

babyJireh said...

Very nice and smart of you, Hann!

alexis lim said...

wah hann ! the way u hold pen is even 'more correct' than my mummy u know =) hehee.. well done ya !

Hann Hann said...

thanx for all ya compliments.

Alexis, think it's ok not to hold the pen "correctly" so long as you can write beautifully. ha.