Sunday, July 27, 2008

Night Festival @ National Musuem

Went to the Night Festival @ National Museum of Singapore.

Oh my! what a big crowd!
It was free admission to all the galleries and there were some programs going on.

Me looking at some exhibits.

I was fascinated by this machine when Mummy told it's used to make ice-kachang.

Me checking to see if the ice is coming out. ha.

Mummy will point to a mould and I will find the matching kuay.

I love using the headphones.

Do I look cute? hee.


Mummy planned to bring me to this puppet show but in the end, I didn't watch. it was just too far away.

"Baby, where are all the fine things you promised me?"
wow. there's this huge angmo uncle in this tiny little house.
Some1 offered his our tau sa bun.
After see him in the tiny house, I told Mummy, "scared scared."



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pc said...

very nice~! and i esp like the guli part~.

errr... btw, is it free admission :p.

Hann Hann said...

golie you mean?

It free admission last Friday and Sat night to all Galleries.

Living Galleries are free daily 6 to 8pm. last admission 7:30pm.

the golies are no more though. only happening last weekend.

pc said...

aiyaa, miss it!!!

'guli' is in malay term :D. golie is english?

Hann Hann said...

nope. it's Singlish. haha.