Thursday, August 21, 2008


heh heh. I'm so happy!

Do you know where we are?

We're at Sentosa!

We actually wanteda go to the Istana Open House but this Mummy was in sleeveless and shorts.

We didn't know there's a dress code and was turned away.

Mummy was so sad, Papa decided to bring her anywhere else she wanteda go.

She chose Sentosa cos I've been saying "Dolphin jump out of water" for the past weeks and I really wanteda go and see the dolphins since seeing the advertisement on the cable on our trip to the Southern Ridges.

We were so early, almost everything was not open yet.

Even the dolphin lagoon was not open...

so we took the bus to the Underwater World

Ah... at least it's open.

Mummy asked me if I wanteda feed the stingrays and I said yes.

but seeing the stringrays all excited and jumpy when some1 else was feeding them, I was apprehensive and hence didn't feed them in the end.

Here we are!

I enjoyed myself travelling on the track and looking at the fishes overhead.

Then this driver unlce was there, waving at us.

I'm scared of him.

I'm very much a scary cat.

Finally, we're back at the Dolphin Lagoon.

There! the dolphins jump out of water!

Mummy found the show quite boring compared compared to HK Ocean Park.

but I was happy just seeing the dolphins.

Come the end of the show and the host invited people to go pat the dolphins (at a fee).

Mummy asked if I wanteda go and I said yes! (of cos)

Me rubbing my hands with antiseptic, all ready to pat the dolpins but papa said no.


He thinks I'll get frigthen when i go the the dolphins!

Not way, papa! I love dolphins. I'm not scared of them. they're so cute.


we headed off for lunch.

Papa saw these men playing with a huge snake!

Pss... I love looking at cake brouchers. esp those with cartoon characters

and I'll tell Mummy which cake I want to get for her.
Sweet right?

When we saw children playing in the shallow pool, Mummy asked if I want to join them.

I said, "no. Hann boy is coughing."

Ha. that's my excuse now. everything people ask me to do something I don't want, e.g. want to carry me, I'll say, "Hann boy is coughing."

P.S.: I know how to draw dolphins now!

Most of the time Mummy thinks they are too skinny though.

the other day I drew a really nice one on my doodle board. Mummy wanteda take a picture of it but before she can get the camera, I erased it away.

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