Sunday, August 10, 2008

Night Safari, Singapore

08 August 2008 National Day's Eve

My Rubbish Yee and her friends were going to the Night Safari and since we didn't have anything on, Mummy decided to tag along.
My parents' 1st time at the Night Safari too.

My. it's a happening place.
very crowded.
we wonder is it because it's holiday eve or is it always so crowded.

Some "fire show"

Mummy didn't allow me to watch too long.

Me pushing the stroller around while waiting for papa to get tickets.
I heard drums and wanteda find them.

Ah.. this is where the sound of the drums came from.

We took a brief walk then headed for the Show. Check out the slides below.

The tram ride was fun. Lotsa close up with animals but we can't get any good photos cos the tram was moving and it was super dark.

Byebye Night Safari!
I need to sleep now. We were there til 11+.

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