Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baby Keane Daniel


Baby Keane,
my cousin at 16-days old.

This photo is taken by me.
nowadays, I seldom snap.
I'll only shoot if I see something that really interest me.

When my ah-yi was expecting baby Keane and his gender still unknown,
my papa dreamt that the baby's name is Daniel.

since then my ah-yi-s called the baby "Daniel" though his parents didn't like this name. haha.

Then his Ah-Ma calls him Lion King (Keane) cos she can't really pronounce Keane (Keen).

Daniel and the Lions. haha.
Coincidence or Divine Revelations?

Anyway, We bought a book about Daniel and the lions for Baby Keane.
Hope he'll love reading and
that God will be his judge (whatever that means) just as the name "Daniel" means.

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