Monday, December 1, 2008

Mummy cooked

Some days again, I told Papa that I want Mummy to cook for me.

So Mummy cooked this.
Cute not?

Mummy was inspired by Angie's Onigiri.
She wondered how she is going to make the eyes and hair without using seaweed.
(No seaweed for us cos my Mummy has thyroid problems)
Then yesterday, she suddenly got an idea!

I'm supposed to tear it with my fork and spoon
but I don't know howta use them together.

Mummy also cooked pork pork and pasta.
I chose this "Animal Pasta" myself.

as I ate the pasta with pork pork, I told Mummy,
"very nice what."
as if to assure her and encourage her to cook for often.

This time, she made a booboo again.
She actually set the pot on fire!

Pss... Mummy doesn't eat the things she cook for me,
they went for buffet instead. ha.

I think Papa is eating caterpillars!
after watching the Very Hungry Caterpillar, I'm in love with caterpillars.

Oh no. I didn't eat it myself.
I ate fish, marshmallows and cakes from the buffet spread.

Took a walk around the hotel after dinner.

Hello, Christmas people!
"so many snow balls," I said.

"Dancing candles."
that's what I call them.
I even danced with them!
but Mummy was too slow to capture it on video.

Clever design eh?


ED said...

Nice Egg..

Very Creative...Do not think that I would have thought of doing something like that :)

Hann Hann said...

Thanx, on behalf of Mummy.

a few days ago, she was lamenting, "dunno where all her creative juices went."