Saturday, December 20, 2008

Science Centre again

Andy korkor, thanx for ya enlightenment. Mummy now knows howta upload gif files on blogspot.

Thursday 18 December 2008

This is an activities filled day.

after the morning party and a super quick nap (less than an hour),
Mummy brought me out again.

Belynda jiejie, we wanteda ask you along but you were at Jolynn's place.

We were rushing for the 4pm OmniMax Show, Wild Ocean.
(We missed it the last visit to Science Centre)

Unfortunately, we reached OmniTheatre after 4pm and missed the show (again!).
Mummy was sad,
and asked me, "are you sad now?"

"No. I'm happy," I answered.
cos we're going to the Science Centre.

We headed straight to the Marine Cove cos I wanteda see Nemo (aka clown fish).

On the way, we passed by this auditorium where that's a show going on.
We sat down to watch.
The show was about using science to "create" magic.
Initially, I was very interested
but the assistant jiejie kept blocking my view
(we were seated extreme left)
and I ask, "what's going on?" a few times.
after a while, I decided to go out.

We somehow ended up in Discovery Zone.
We didn't go there the last time.

This corner is so much fun and specially designed for children!

Mummy, why don't you come in too?

besides these animals in the "crawl-in area", you can also see live chicks hatching from their eggs.

We waited for a while and saw some obvious cracks on 3 eggs.
we could even see movement in one of them!
See video here.
I'm not embedding the video here cos my ah-yi is super afraid of feathered animals.
So Ah-Yi, don't click on the video har!

but it was taking a long time to see any real action
and I was not that patient so we went off to the water pump exhibit.

You need lotsa strength to work this pump.

Peristaltic Pump
This one's easier.
but I can't see the water coming out while turning the pump at the same time.

They even have little houses like these.
Hello, neighbour!
All the children there were super patient that day.
We all waited for we turn at the house, one by one.
So every1 had a house all to himself.

Tower of Hanoi
Me trying to play with the Tower of Hanoi but it was too big and too tall for me.

This time, we also went up to the 2nd floor.

Hann the Astroboy
at the robotics corner.

the 2nd floor exhibits have more theories and are more suitable for older kids.
but I still had lotsa fun!

Me on the musical walkway.
Seeing footprints on the walkway, I kicked off my shoes and started walking!

Mummy and I were super excited and looking forward to the Water Works exhibittion cos she actually brought my swim wear along and I love water play!

but... but... but...
when I saw the children and the violent fountains...

I was afraid and didn't wanta go into the water,
much to Mummy's disappointment
(afterall, she brought my swim wear and towel and thought I'd enjoy the water play).

Mummy carried me around the Water Works area but I still didn't want to join in.

So Mummy brought me back to the Omni-Theatre for tea-break while waiting for Papa to knock off.

Papa's here and finally we're in the theater ready to catch the show Wild Ocean.

It's my 1st time at the Omni-Theatre.
Mummy hope my love for dolphins will make me sit thru' the show.

Oh well... I did.

I was laughing at the beginning of the show cos there are so so so many dolphins!
You can see them swimming underwater and jumping out of the water!
in Mummy's words, "so much better than dolphin lagoon."

but I wanteda go home once the dolphins got "violent" and started attacking the sardines.

still, it was a really nice film.

Must watch for all Marine Life lovers and fish eaters.

Wild Ocean
now til Feb 2009
at the Omni-Theatre, Singapore Science Centre.


Joshua Whom Jesus Dearly loves said...

Hi Hann,

Did u catch THE ALPS ? It is a terrific Great show :P

Aunty Jenny

Hann Hann said...

Nope, we didn't watch the The Alps.

I'm in the I-want-to-go-home stage so Mummy thought she'll try something I'm interested in (i.e. dolphins) 1st.

I didn't even finish the WALL.E even though i like him so much. haha.

are there any scary parts in The Alps?

Joshua Whom Jesus Dearly loves said...

Not that I know of, maybe the part when the dad slipped and fell to his death - not scary but teary - sad part :P It is a touching story though.