Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moonfest 2010 - The Fox and The Bear

Moonfest 2010 - The Fox and The Bear
艺满中秋2010 -《纸有你真好 - 小狐狸与大熊》

Recommended for aged 5 years and above.

This is quite interesting cos the sets and characters entirely made of paper!
plus this paper puppetry is Performed with music and sound effects with no dialogue.

In a once-peaceful forest, a little fox, while trying to escape from a hunter, becomes separated from his mother. Alone in the woods, Little Fox gets lost as he searches for his mum.

click for full synopsis and tickets.

but gotta give this a miss though... sigh...
cos Mummy feels I might be frightened and she's gotta make special arrangement to bring me to the theatre now that she's stuck with meimei 24-7.

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