Friday, December 19, 2008

Artful Lil Hands Christmas Party

Thursday 18 December 2008

Mummy is happy that she can finally bring me to join the Artful Lil Hands.
but it's the last session liao.

She told me that we're going to a Christmas Party with other children and I was so excited.

I packed some toys in my bag to share with the other children and am all ready to go to Timothy's house!

On the way, I said Timothy has Thomas and Cranky and I will play with them, blah blah...
Mummy told me that she's not sure if Timothy has Thomas.
I told her confidently that he has.

We arrived on time but was the 1st to be there.

true enough, Timothy has Thomas!
not one but two!

Here, Joyce, want to play together?

Joyce is Timothy's sister.
check out her clothes. her shorts are made by her mummy and her top modified by her too.
Mummy thinks if she has a daugther, she will sew clothes for her too.

Timothy is measuring the length of Thomas after my mummy showed him how to use the measuring tape.

Warning to Parents: Do not allow your kids to play with the measuring tape unless supervised. It can cause strangling.

Claris and her sister, Faith, playing duet on the keyboard.

Mummy can't believe that Claris is two days younger than me.

She's so matured in her thinking and speech. her finger motor skills are very good too.

initially she was playing with one finger like her sister

but once Mummy enlightened them that they can use all their fingers on the keyboard, Claris played away with all her fingers while elder sister Faith was still struggling.

Tim's Daddy is so nice!
He knew I love train sets and took this out for me.
I was so engrossed in playing that I said no when Mummy asked me if I wanta make cookies.

I played and played while the other children were using cookie cutters to cut out the cookies.

The cookies are baked and ready for icing.

Caitlin iced almost all the cookies seen here. haha.

I wanteda eat the star-shaped cookie.

(Star is my favourite shape at the moment)

but Mummy said, "You didn't make the cookies so you can't eat it."

I was disappointed.

then one of the aunties said i can eat cos there're so many cookies.

I tried icing the cookie too.

This Mummy is so afraid of me eating sweet stuff she's stingy with the icing.

Hann and Star Cookie
I know Mummy 勉强 gave me the cookie so I was really obedient and post for the camera with the cookie.

I even ask her, "can eat already?" before putting it into my mouth.

Check out the rest of the food!

these Mummies are really good cooks unlike mine.

No prize for guessing which dish my Mummy brought. haha.

Thanx for all the yummy food, Aunties!

and Thanx for inviting us, Auntie Pauline! Mummy's so happy to know you.

PS: Autnies, please leave ya email addresses in my comments so that Mummy can send you ya pictures.


yang ying said...

i wanna have a son so that i don't have to sew clothes or tie plaits hahahaha

so i guess you brought the salad? lol

p.s. i like star shape too!!!

Hann Hann said...


salad, you've gotta cut the vege.

and not everybody makes good salad.

pc said...


miss the opportunity to meet you. so... wish you Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!

Hann Hann said...

har... so difficult to guess ah?

it's not cherries. haha.