Monday, December 8, 2008

Singapore Science Centre

This is the answer to my earlier post - Guess Where I Go.

Attention all Teachers and Principals!
especially those with young children:

You MUST apply this:

Click on image to enlarge.
(Let me know if it's not big enough ok?)

All these for just S$25!
valid for 2 years

See what fun I had in the slide show below:

My papa just got a new DSLR camera with video function and took lotsa videos with it.
See videos below

Warning: eat something before going there. The food there is not fantastic nor cheap.

Fun leh...
To apply, just go to the ticketing counters at the Science Centre Singapore and say you wanta apply for "Educators' Memebership"

If you're not an educator, you can also apply for public membership
but the deal is not as good.
Or you can always jio my mummy and me to go with you. She can bring 3 guests for free!


ED said...

Thanks for the interesting post on the science centre.
Must bring my kids there soon!

Hann Hann said...

You're most welcome!

Do bring towel and swim wear if you intend to let the kids into the water play area.

Ing said...

Hey, thanks for sharing this. Will go apply. :)

Hann Hann said...

Auntie Ing,

my pleasure.

but I thought you are SAHM?

For non-educator, it's a different package and price.

Ing said...

Hi, me no longer SAHM next year. My NPL ends 25th Dec. Will be back to teach once school reopens. :)