Saturday, January 24, 2009

OmniTheatre 之 The Alps

Come with me to The Alps Exhibition
at the OmniTheatre.

me learning about the formation of an Avalanche.

This is where the movie, The Alps, is based and where my Rubbish Yee is right now.

We going for the movie now.
pardon the blur picture,
it's dark.

Carry me, papa.

I'm all dressed up for the Alps.

Me reading while waiting for the show to start.

It's starting!

I sat thru' the entire movie!
only once did I say, "I want to go home."
cos the music turned sad.

On the whole, I love the movie.
really nice though there weren't many animals.

Thanx for the recommendation, Auntie Jenny.

The Alps
Screening NOW til 01 Nov 09

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