Sunday, February 15, 2009


My ah-gong is moving house and got a chance to clear his maaaaany stuff.
his new house is too small to house aaaalll his stuff so I've got quite a number of toys to bring home.

Among them are these two large boxes of Lego.

1. Lego Mindstorms
2. Duplo

This Dulpo set belongs to my Rubbish Yee.
It was bought from SOGO!
It's not even existing in Singapore anymore.

Rubbish Yee and Uncle XiaoFei, this was what I wanted. Ya old Duplo sets. Don't get me new ones. Rubbish Yee, I know there are two other sets in ya room but they're so burried now I can't see exactly where they are.

Pass them to me when u get back and clear ya room, k?

Rest assure that I'll take good care of them and pass them to ya children.

The Lego Mindstorms set is truely mind-boggling.
It doesn't belong to my ah yis.
It's brand new, bought from Robinsons, cost almost S$400
and was found in one of the top shelves.
My Ah Gong can't even remember he has this toy.

Mummy was wondering when I can play with this when she saw...
Windows 98?!

by the time I can play with this (recommended age: 12),
I wonder if our computer can support.


To make space for these "new" old toys,
I also have to clear my stuff.

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hi there!! u really got treasures at home!! hee, i also hav a lelongs' blog at, do support if u need anything ya!!