Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nemo and Dory

I started attending Art classes at 2 years 9.5 months since 26 Feb 2009.

It's a non-parent-sit-in class and Mummy was worried that I may not be willing to be there without her.

1st lesson:
I was immediately captured by the underwater worlds clipped up in the room.
Mummy was glad to learn that the theme for the week is underwater world cos I'm so into the sea and sea creatures at the moment.

before we begin drawing, Teacher Maria showed us pictures of the sea and fish.
we discussed about the colours of the sea, etc.

We also got to choose what fish we want to draw.
I chose Nemo of cos.
Teacher drew an oval for his body while I got to sketch his fins and tail.
The other fish I chose was Nemo's papa's friend, Dory.

Throughout the week, Mummy asked me if it's ok if she doesn't go into the room with me during art class and I said no. I want her in the room with me.

2nd Lesson:
We were slightly late for class and upon arrival, I was quickly ushered into the room without Mummy.
For a moment, Mummy wondered if she should go into the room then decided she'll wait outside.
My classmate welcomed me with an apron and
I was ok without Mummy.

After the class, I got to roam around Teacher's condo while waiting for Papa to pick us up.

Mummy brought me to the playground and found out that I more confident climbing up and down now.
(nothing to do with the art class, she reckons)

One tangible result from Art calss:
I can name most colours accurately now.
Previously I couldn't.
I can recognise numbers, alphabets, brands (like Milo, MacDonald's, Disney), cartoon logos (like Winnie the Pooh, Thomas and Friends, etc),
but not colours.
but after 3 lessons with Teacher Maria,
I can name the colours now.

Even Papa who is skeptical about me going to all these classes said that the Art class is useful.

but more than that, Mummy agrees with Teacher Maria that learning visual art has other benefits which include geometry and spacial awareness.

Here is my 1st master piece with Teacher Maria:


kkf said...

I always have this impression that art lessons usually need 4 years or even i never enrol dash in.

where is it? so good! think hann really benefitted a lot!

Hann Hann said...

My teacher actually takes in students from 3 years old.

Mummy started me a little earlier.

It's at Seletar Springs Condo. near Jalan Kayu.

If you want, email Mummy for Teacher's contact. =)

Joshua Whom Jesus Dearly loves said...

U went to Maria yeah...she is the best art teacher in town thus far ! We went to so many art school, none came close to her...

Hope Hann enjoy the class. Yes, Shirley and I borrowed the ZIN ZIN ZIn music book from bishan library, children section, basement....we just returned so go get it :) It's a nice book :)


Hann Hann said...

Thanx for the recommendation, Auntie Jenny =)