Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My first picnic at Concert in the Park

We were at the Botanic Gardens for the

NAC - ExxonMobil Concert In the Park,

and a picnic. My first!

Mummy made Yummy burger for me!

Other people brought wine along too.

Others brought games along.
These are sliding down the slope on their skateboards!

Evidence: Not just Singaporeans leave their litter around.
These leave their rubbish behind (literally).

Mummy made a mental note to conscientiously tell me not to litter.
She can't understand why people can just throw rubbish anywhere and doesn't want me to be a litterbug.

Soon my friend, Joseph is here.

Mummy made him burger too.

but he didn't like it.
cos there's egg. He's not into eggs while I love them.

Thanx to him, I got to eat cheese hotdog.
Mummy usually doesn't let me eat these processed food.

Baby Charis wants to eat too.

Cannot eat the mat, baby.

After all the food and drinks, it's time to visit the washroom.
but it's quite a distance away.
We decided to run there.

Wait for me, Joseph!

after running such a long distance, 上气不接下气, and started to cough.
Mummy thinks I need more exercise.

What are we looking at?

ah... a balloon escaped into the air.

Some children were playing bubbles.

Joseph, Zavier and I waiting patiently for this jiejie to make bubbles so we can catch them.

Joseph found a discarded balloon and we started playing with it.

You can see that I'm always losing out to Joseph when it comes to getting the balloon.

I really needs more exercise, Mummy.

Soon I got angry with Joseph cos he doesn't pass the balloon to me and didn't want to play with him anymore.

I asked Mummy for a toy to play but she didn't bring any so she gave me my water bottle to kick around.
Papa didn't think it's a good idea though.
Mummy promised to bring a ball for me next time.

Soon the moon came out and it was time to go home.

Auntie Ling said we dont' have to wait til the next Concert in the park to come to Botanic Gardens for picnic.
How right!
Hope we can come again soon.

Watch out for another free concert this weekend:

SSO at Toa Payoh Central

Sat, 21 Mar 09
Open space in front of Toa Payoh Community Library


Auntie Jacqueline said...

You seems to have alot of fun... your mummy is great to always bring you around and expose you to the different culture...

Hann Hann said...

oh yes, I did. I love picnics!

kkf said...

wow, hann's mummy bring u to so many concerts and places, think in future you may turn out to be a great artistic person!

pc said...

yeah, should have join you since you had so much fun and food! autie pc only brought cookies and soya milk for lonely hy jiejie leh:(

anyway, we are goin for the concert this sat, see you in TP Com Library ya;).

Hann Hann said...

yah... we had too much burger.

my parents took care of the food but not my toys. sigh.

btw, it's outside TPY library. not inside.

Hann Hann said...

Auntie kkf,

ha. hopefully i do inherit artistic genes.

actually my Mummy just like to expose me to cultural stuff cos she thinks that's what makes human different from the rest of the animals.

now she worries that I'm not going to be sporty. She thinks boys should be sporty. sigh... woman.