Monday, May 18, 2009

人穷不能生病: the poor cannot be sick.

it's been a week since I last updated.
very sorry for being MIA.
I was recuperating at home and Mummy was super sick.

Tuesday 12 May 2009

Dr Keoy's back.
He sent me for X-ray to check if my lung infection has cleared so I can go home.
my parents and I were hopeful.
even the nurses gave us the "stayed-in-hospital" certificate.

nurse told us that xray showed infection not cleared yet and I can't go home.
we waited for Doctor to come.

Doctor came.
He said I'll have to continue with the IV or if I wanta take oral antibiotics, it's going to be very expensive.
It's $500 for one week of medication.

oh well.
my parents thought $500 is nothing compared to my misery.
it's a rare medicine and Thomson Medical Centre doesn't carry it.
Papa had to pick it up from Mt E.
and it was the last bottle.

So I was sent home with this $500 a bottle antibiotics and a $6k+ hospital bill.


byihui said...

hi i agree wif u on that, but at least God kept the last bottle of antibiotics for u. i dread to think hann has to continue on the IV. God bless!

Joyce Long said...

Hann Hann get well soon..we all love you...

sunflower said...


Hann get well ok.. wan to see you up and running again!

alexis lim said...

Hi hann , speedy recovery to u & ur mummy !
see u soon in music lesson ya ;)

btw , happy blessed belated birthday to u ('',)

kkf said...

wowowow...super ex.but really glad that hann is well.

levine said...

hav a speedy recovery!! looking fwd to see your latest outing!

Hann Hann said...

thank you all for your well wishes.

Mummy and I are much better now.
we'll be back in school next Mon.