Friday, April 17, 2009

环岛追追追: 8 places in 8 hours

30 March 2009, Monday

It was supposed to be a normal school day but went I woke up in the car...

I was not at school but ....

at 1. Ridout Park MacDonalds!
I was enjoying every second at the Ridout Park, looking at the Terrapins and the frog and

my fillet-O-fish!

It was my school's shut down day and my papa took leave to take care of me while Mummy goes to school.

Me super excited when we reached Location 2!
I've been wanting to come back here for a long time...

Do you know where this is?

It's 2. the Hort Park!
"Hort Park is so Hot," I said.

I was super excited to see the playground.
But when we finally get into action, I realised that the entire playground was so hot!

I decided to chill out at the little pavilion and removed my Mickey cap to let the heat out.

We found a "greenhouse" at Hort Park.
Papa wondered why we need a green house in such a hot place,
only to realise that this green house is airconditioned!

Me cooling down in the aircon-ed exhibition house.

3. After that, we went to Raffles Marina to see Yachts.
It was quite crowded so we didn't stay long.

4. When its near to noon, we went to Steword's Riverboat.

I get to eat Cheese cake on the rocking boat.

I kept asking, "Papa, the boat is not going yet right?"
Pss... this boat is actually anchored to the marina and wont' go anywhere.

I was afraid when papa brought me to the upper decks and put me at a table.
I think it's dangerous!

I feel safer in the lower deck where it's all enclosed.
Me playing with "tracks" (yup, that's what I use them for).

5. Then we had some fun on the roof top of the Marina South Pier before it started to rain.

6. On the way out, we drove to the nearby Marina Barrage to have a look from outside (as it was raining).

7. Last, we went to Bottle Tree Park

to look at people fishing prawn, netting fishes,

and learning how to canoe.

Also, there were 2 teenagers playing pools and Papa explained to me that the white ball hit another ball to enter the hole (Pocket). After observing the korkor for a few hits, I proclaimed loudly"This korkor don't know how to play."

Finally, it's time to go and

8. Fetch Mummy!


Joyce Long said...

Wah.that is a very nice adventure outings...

sunflower said...

Wah.. with all the pics on this entry.. I can tell you enjoy your outing alot

Hann Hann said...

oh yes, I did! =)

ZT said...

wow...steady leh! :p

marina south pier hv a "rooftop" huh. aiyoh... wasted... din go when we were there. hahaa

levine said...

cool! so many places in 8hrs!!!

pc said...

only you and papa? amazing! or you must be a very good boy.

and i love the pics taken:).

Hann Hann said...

yup. only me and papa.

I was good until...
we fetched mummy. once I see her, I start to be demanding. and rather mean to my papa.

Auntie MT, the rooftop is very nice one leh! must go! but perhaps early evening ba. afternoon very hot! night very dark!
Unless you go parktor at night...

Hann Hann said...

Auntie Levine and Joyce,

check out all the 8 places (excluding my mummy's school), ok?

they're all very nice!