Thursday, May 7, 2009

One week "vacation"

Doc came.
I was still sleeping.
Doc told Mummy the virus I've caught is quite vicious and I'm not sensitive to a lot of antibiotics and the oral ones are not working so I'll have to continue staying in the hospital until Sunday.
That's one whole week.

Me doing the neubuliser.
now I'm so used to it and I get to watch Little Einsteins DVD
so I didn't cry and even can hold the mask myself.


sunflower said...

You might telling me who is your PD?

Is this PD the usual one you use to see?

Yvette admitted in TMC last Dec due to mild bronchiolitis and I would say the PD treated her is not bad. If this PD is not the usual one, maybe you should change?

sunflower said...


Hann Hann said...

Dr Keoy is my usual PD. He is my favourite doctor.

who is Yvette's?

byihui said...

hi, jodie's PD is Dr Koh also from SBCC, based in AMK. He's very experienced and specialises in cough, respiratory problems just like DR Keow. but as in all paeds, it takes time for them to know your child, his medical history and sensitivities to various medicines.

jodie is also recovering from a cough and in fact, am keeping her home this month from the virus infected cc. if hann is coughing badly at night, u may want to consider investing in a humidifier when he is discharged. it worked wonders (when combined with the pure eucalyptus essence oil) for jodie who could not get a good night's rest from all the coughing. we invested in one as papa, mama and jodie all have sensitive nose.

pray that hann can be discharged soon!

byihui said...

sorry, think i made a mistake. yours is dr keoy soo shin from pediatric clinic? not dr ong eng keow from sbcc right?

see how things go, u may wish to go for a paed who specialises in bronchitis etc problems

sunflower said...

Dr Ang Ai Tin.

She is the PD appearing on the DUMEX commercial that is currently feature on the TV every now and then.

If usual one, then dont need to change.

I really hope you recover soon. Seeing you using the doing the neubuliser, it pains my heart. Memories flashed back when Yvette is doing that.


ED said...

Oh No Hann...did not know that u are in the hospital!

U look so brave with the nebuizer. My children have tons of problems doing it!

Will be praying that u can be discharged soon!

Ing said...

oh dear Hann Hann,
so sorry to hear that you're in hospital!

Pray that you'll get well quickly and be able to go home soon.

Also, "happy belated birthday to you, brave boy!"


Hann Hann said...

Uncle ED and Auntie Ing,


I really need prayers.

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...sunflower, not sure if I can say this openly but the mentioned doc is one I try to avoid.

Saw her one when Hann's usual PD was not around. realised that she is not pro-breastfeeding (her appearance on a Formula commercial further justifies, I suppose) so find that I cannot work with her.

This time round, Hann's PD is going on leave from Fri onwards and told us that she will take over. I asked him for another doc. Grateful that he is sensitive enough not to ask why.

thanx for your concern though. =)

sunflower said...

Oo's ok lah.. I dont mind you telling me this.

But she ok with us when I am with Yvette in TMC last dec. I told her I was still breastfeeding but she din make any further comment on that.

Everyone has their preferrence, all we hope is the kid to be well.

I really hope your son moves toward speedy recovery.