Tuesday, May 27, 2008

breastfeeding mums are kiasu + kiasi.

Hann's Mummy said..

wanteda post the photos taken at Drama Centre on Sun but Left my camera in the car so can't post.

instead will post this reply i wrote in a forum to the question(s):
By giving the term, "Kiasu" for parents sending (1-year-olds) to courses, I believe it is for those parents who r over-doing it...
... if those parents who fed their child with organic food and expensive milk powder is akin to being kiasi, then those bfg mums...what you call them?

Hann's Mummy's reply:

breastfeeding mums are both kiasu + kiasi.


1. kia drink Formula Milk (FM henceforth) not as clever as drink Breastmilk (BM henceforth) (truth or myth unknown at time of post).

2. Kia FM only have 30+ kinds of minerals then my son will not get the other 200+ kinds of minerals which BM contains.

3. kia my baby doesn't bond with me.

4. kia I loose out to my friend who bf for more than 1 year. (she can do it so can I mentality)

5. kia buy FM spend a lot of $$ (BM is free)

6. kia FM contaminated or kena fake FM then baby dies or suffer malnutrition or become stupid or become stupid AND suffer malnutrition
see http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/3648583.stm
and http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2004/04/...2140115652.html

7. kia baby won't have antibodies which bm has lots but FM has none.

8. kia baby have difficulty digesting FM cos Cow's milk contains a different type of protein (best for cows) than breast milk (best for human).

9. kia as a result baby become fat

10. kia baby drink FM will increase risk of allergies

maybe I cannot say the same for all bf mums but.. at least all these are true "kia-s" for me.

sigh.. I can imagine Hann's Papa reminding, "His name 天行 liao you still kia so many things! God will take care of him"

Oh yes, God certianly does. He gave me abundant BM! heeheehee

Gam Xia Zu!


sunflower said...

But there is one dark side of breastfeeding.. it is so difficult to wean the baby off.. I been trying and trying to introduce formula milk to her cos I wanted to stop bf and want her to get other nutrient from formula milk.

Hann Hann said...

not hann but Hann's Mummy said...

u can call that the dark side alright.

but I don't know what other nutrients FM has that BM doesn't have and baby needs.

as mentioned, BM is afterall best for human. plus it has 200+ kinda nutrients while FM only has 30+ kinds.

sunflower said...

This I agreed but my supply dropping leh.. so think my ger dont have enuff lor.. :(

byihui said...

hi it's incredible how jodie and hann went thru almost the same programs like kindermusik, seimpi, glenn doman, your baby can read etc. on top of it, they are both breastfed for so long! u must be the same kiasu and kiasi mummy i never knew! haha...

not sure if u have weaned him off, now that jodie is three plus, i no longer breastfeed her becos i think she's stil benefitting much from it. (stil continuing becos i see no point to go thru the trauma of weaning off. better just let stop naturally herself) anyway she drinks very little now. only at night before sleeping and in papa's car. she now knows and accepts "cannot drink milk" in mrt and bus. maybe she feels the same societal pressure as me?

most of the time when i breastfeed her in public, most people dun dare to look at me and i dun bother with wat they think. when in nursing rooms, most mummies are amazed i'm stil nursing jodie at one plus, two years old. for some old ladies who say should stop since the child is so old, i just tell them plainly that research has shown BM is still better, period. in fact, the nutritional content of BM changes with the needs of the child. bet one to two years, more antibodies wil be produced since the child needs to be exposed to more people. its incredible that our God is such a creative God!! :)

Hann Hann said...

oh. I'm still drinking nainai (that's what I call breastmilk) now at 2 days to 3 years old. I only drink in the morning before going to school and at night before I sleep. Weekends, I drink before my afternoon naps too. I only latch on at home so I suppose nobody knows I'm still being breastfed.

Mummy is pro-self-weaning too. I think she secretly wishes I'd stay at her breasts forever but my papa told me that no more nainai for me once I'm 3 years old. I agreed to that. We'll see how it goes then.

Mummy's milk is not much now. she suffered a trauma before I turned two and was contemplating to stop bf-ing. hence she didn't express during our HK trip and the supply dipped significantly.

byihui said...

eh, not meaning to discourage u but i think it really takes both mummy and child to want to quit in order to really stop. i know a mum who made a pact with the son to stop when he's 3. its stil difficult as in, gotta go thru the whole crying and pleading etc. a substitute like milo may help. so beware and be prepared for it!

for jodie, she actually takes HL milk (warmed up) in school before her afternoon nap. So logically speaking, she should be able to sleep at night even without nursing right? wrong! as long as i'm with her, she'll want to nurse. fortunately her mummy doesn't really mind the nursing, although sometimes it gets depressing for me in the car. but yes, u r right that we mummies derive as much pleasure from the strong bond forged so much so no other living human can tear us apart! hehe...can get depressing for papa but i think by now, your hubby must be as used to it as mine.

good luck on the weaning though! :)