Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ACE Festival 2009

Arts and Creativity for Everyone!

Children's Theatre and Workshop
May 18 – June 14 2009

We're going for

Written and directed by Brian Seward
Recommended for Age 3 and above

18 May to 7 June
Alliance Française Theatre
Duration – 50 minutes


kkf said...

Bringing Dash too! which day and time u going? i am going on the last day one...

Hann Hann said...

o. we're not going on the last day woh. we're going on a thurs. think there's only one thurs when thry're showing.

Joyce Long said...

I have been always wanting to bring Cherrlyn for some play..sigh..she is still not ready..thanks for sharing this post and keep email us or post in your blog any such event..thanks in adv