Saturday, September 18, 2010

I was loving it

Recently, Mummy got a mail from my fan:

"Hi i am a follower of ur blog ...
i understand that u r very careful with the kind of food that ur kids eat but I was astonished to read that u actually let hann eats macdonald's !

for me i will not let my son step into the fast food restaurant in the first place ,let alone french fries ,no matter what ppl tell me that i m depriving my son of yummy fries.

and recently my cousin told me that she bought a burger from mac and left in the office which she had forgotten abt it.when she found it 3 days later behind some files,the smell of the food and the look are the same like fresh, which just shows how artificial the food is with lots of preservatives and chemicals! my cousin tried the experiment with burger from wendy, and the burger turns sour next day,shows that it was perishable food.

so r u sure u wana let hann eat mac again after hearing this story? for me, i myself will not . i sighed whenever i read abt u having meals with hann at Mac lei ..."

After reading the mail, Mummy scratched her head and think, "I got blog a lot about Hann going to MacDonald's meh??"

and Yes, my mummy is quite careful about the kind of food I eat.
I'm not allowed to eat tidbits such as twisties, potato chips, pocky, etc.
She is quite upset when I bring home goodie bags with all these junk food inside.
Sometimes, Mummy will give me ONE pocky out of the whole box, or ONE sweet out of the whole packet.

ok... so what about MacDonald's?
My parents don't like to eat MacDonald's.
They only don't mind the breakfast.
We had been going to MacDonald's for breakfast every Sat when I was having music class at Seimpi School of Music, Funan, i.e. from 1 to 3 years old.
Wow! that's 2 years of Mac every (almost) week!
but wait...
actually at 1 year old to about 2 years +, I go to Mac but I don't eat the food there.
Mummy would prepare food for me and I'll eat my own home-cooked food there while my parents eat Mac breakfast.
Which is why my Mummy can't understand why I love MacDonald's when I don't even eat the food there.

Later on, when I'm 2+ bah. Can't really remember when. My parents started giving me the egg and cheese from Mac's breakfast. Mummy think egg should be ok lah. should be fresh right?
Then I started to eat the muffin bun with cheese.

then at 3 years old, one day... when I was recovering from my HSP, my papa brought me to MacDonald's and gave me Fillet-O-Fish.
Well... my mummy was quite displeased but at the time, I don't want to eat anything was was reduced to skin and bones.
So, as long as I ate something, anything, they're ok with it.
Yup. so I started on Fillet-O-Fish which Mummy think is THE only ok burger in MacDonald's cos the fish is fish and not minced beyond recognition.

Then at around 4 years old, I started to realise that there's this thing called Happy Meal and it comes with a toy!
and I love ketchup!
so I started to eat Hamburger / Cheeseburger.

but noooo... I don't eat fries!
Mac or anywhere else, I'm not allowed to eat fries.
I don't really ask for them either.
Mummy thinks they're simply too oily and heaty for me.
I don't know how long she's keeping the fries from me but at the moment, I'm ok with that.
She doesn't think Fries are really that yummy anyway.

For now, we've stopped going to Seimpi since I'm 3, so no more Mac every week.
I am only allowed to eat fast food at most once a week, be it Mac, KFC (I only eat the mash potato and egg tarts hor), MOS burger.

so... that's my journey with MacDonald's.

My papa said he brings me to MacDonald's for the childhood. ha!

As for the fresh-as-new-one-week old burger,
Mummy finds it incredible.
Surely ketchup and cheese turns bad after awhile!
Even when they send MacChicken to her school for an event, they refused to put the veg and mayo cos they said it will turn sour very soon.
So Mummy wonder which burger is so super can tahan 3 days.
Papa said Mac has to throw away any burger/fries not sold within one hour or so (ISO requirement) so why they bother to put so much preservatives?

Wow! what a lengthen and wordy post.
To end off, I'll show you this video my papa showed me:

"you see, this uncle eat MacDonald's so he died," my papa said.

"no lah. He died because he eat MacDonald's everyday mah," I reasoned, "I don't eat everyday."


kkf said...

who is that bor liao person who made that comment to you? so wat if we eat fast food leh? so what if we let our kids do that? I think the person has nothing better to do is it? hee.

Anyway, me also dun allow dash to eat any fries and burgers, except yes mcdonald's breakfast pancakes, eggs and sausage.

Hann Hann said...

no lah. I won't say the person is bor-liao. She is genuinely concerned.

If my mummy see people use BPA bottles, she will also ask them to read up abt BPA to make an informed choice. If she's free lah. hahahaha.

btw, I'm not allow to eat the Mac sausage!

Edmund said...


that is one funny fan mail! :)

Maybe they meant it for my blog...Daddy eats a lot of junk food! :)

Hann Hann said...

yah, Uncle Ed, I noticed ya kids eat Junk Food too!

Hop said...

I also dun like my boy eat junks food but ah ma gives him a lot of em when I am not around. How to control leh.

Hann Hann said...

cant control. that's the prob with letting grandparents take care...

thesavvymummy said...

Haha, what a funny blog entry. I love the way you replied to your reader, especially the youtube video at the end. =) But you are really strict with the food that you give. My one-year old nephew is already taking a little bit of the fries when his parents eat at macdonalds'. Surely a little is alright?

Hann Hann said...

different parents different standards.
and different kids different 体质。

one year old, I'm still eating home-cooked tasteless food.