Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cant' go home

Due to the sudden rise in tempeture (39.1) last night,
I was not allowed to go home today.

but I took it well.
getting used to the hospital.
in fact I'm happy cos my mummy promised me for every night I stay, I'll get to buy a new set of Lego Thomas series!
I told her I want 3 sets last night.
True enough, I got to stay 3 nights.

Catch on camera: WALL.E lovely dovey-ing with EVE next to my Circle Pillow.
This photo was not taken by me though.
I'm busy watching McQueen (Cars).


Anonymous said...

hi Hann Hann
Speedy recovery & happy belated bday!

byihui said...

dear hann

happy birthday to u and may you quickly recover so that mummy doesn't have to keep holding back her tears. God bless u and family!

Hann Hann said...

Thanx, aunties.