Wednesday, May 6, 2009

fever again

me drinking milo on my hospital bed.
I'm more comfortable with my "special hand" (that's what my Ah-Yi calls it) now, I can use it to support my cup.

I didn't have fever the entire day until...
just before bedtime, my temperature went up again.
Mummy's angry and sad cos she think we won't be able to go home tomorrow since I have fever.

A new neighbour moved in.
2.5 year old girl.


sunflower said...

What is the reason the doctor gave the cause of your fever?

Really poor boy!

Hann Hann said...

infection in the lungs?

Hop said...

Oh poor little dearest. Please get well soon. And a very happy 3rd birthday... U r growing up fast

pc said...

wish you recover after this and celebrate another birthday at home with all love ones:).

bless you and mama.