Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

I'm celebrating my 3rd birthday at my birth place - Thomson Medical Centre.
How meaningful.

This is my papa's temperature.
Mine's still up and down.
Due to the H1N1 flu (previously known as swine flu), the hospitals are on Orange Alert
that means all visitors to the hospitals must register and have their temperature taken before they're allowed entry.
Patients are only allowed ONE visitor per.
Mummy is considered a companion so my papa is allowed to see me.

See, my friends (Thomas, Harold and boat boat) are all here to keep me company.
Actually they came yesterday evening.
Papa brought them.
and this DVD player which was actually meant for my mahmah when she was hospitalised.

Me participating in the Little Einsteins' adventure.
That's a balloon stick I'm holding.
Mummy bought it for me when papa was registering me for admission yesterday.
Watching DVD is my most frequent activity in the hospital.
Though Mummy didn't like it, she allowed me to watch as much as I want.

btw, Cartoon Network is so lousy.
The cartoons are ugly and full of violence.
That's why papa brought the DVD player for me to watch my own collection of cartoons.

Other times, I'll play with Thomas.

Yi! A fruit basket!
It's from my school!
Mummy's happy to see it. She thinks flowers brightens up a hospital ward.
Do you know what to send her if she's warded.
though the last time she stayed in the hospital (i.e. this day 3 years ago), she'd rather people send gifts for me (a baby then) then flowers for me.
Flowers are expensive you know?

Another surprise!
Sister Zhang came in with two balloons for me!

A cake too!
I invited my neighbour, Elizabeth to join my birthday celebration.
I gave her one of my balloons too.
charming or what? haha.

I can't believe it was papa who took this photo.

My parents were very touched that the nurses bought a cake for me
and there are no cake shops in TMC so they've ordered or bought the cake specially for me.
Mummy had to hold back her tears.
Something she has to do many times these two days, for fear of upsetting me.

Surprise no.3: my favourite Ah Yi came to see me.
(She doesn't want candid shots on internet hence her face is cropped off)

only one visitor is allowed in the ward so we went downstairs instead.

While downstairs, papa bought a new toy for me.
Nay, it's not lego, but it's just as fun!
it comes with the biscuits papa bought.

I'm more used to my immobilized hand now, though I still hate it.
Actually, I'm scared of it.
See, I can even hold my toy with it.

Me playing peekaboo with Elizabeth, my neighbour.
I was 生龙活虎 even though I was having high fever (39.0).
oh. she's having pneumonia like me too.

Me pretending to be tired and crashed on the foldable bed meant for mummy.
Nay. She doesn't z on it.
She sleeps with me on the hospital bed.

Pray with me that I can be discharged tomorrow.


Uncle Alvin and Auntie Joyce said...

Hope that you will recover soon. Hann is a brave boy, brave like your mummy.

sunflower said...

Happy Birthday to you.

We celebrated Yvette's first birthday on this date as this is her lunar birthday too.