Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hospital food

Nay... I don't eat hospital food.
not much.
I only eat their spaghetti, hor fun, a little bit of rice and porridge.
I'm not really into rice now.
in fact, my appetite is not good.

This is what I eat most of the times - Stars, I call them. with milk.
at home, I eat them with cheerios too.
but papa said cheerios is too big a packet to bring to the hospital.

My parents are not fussy about what I eat now.
They just want me to eat, I reckon.

My papa bought my favourite Char Siew Bao!

What did Ah-yi bring for me?
my Ah-Yi has been coming to see me everyday. so touched.
o. forgot to take a photo with her.
She's beautifully dressed up today.

o! it's cake!
I managed to finish one slice and thinks it's delicious!

two days ago, I didn't even want to eat Char Siew Bao and cake.
I just took a few bites of the Char Siew Bao and gave up.
The birthday cake the nurses give me?
I only took one bite and said I had enough.

I suppose i'm getting better ba.

Thank you God for healing me and please continue to heal me quickly so I can go home.
In jesus' name, I pray. Amen!

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