Saturday, May 2, 2009

Prata at Adam Road

All photos in this post are taken by me, Hann.

It was a cool evening and we decided to dine outdoors (i.e. coffeeshop or hawker centre).

We wanteda go to Upper Thomson but there was no parking space so we ended up in Adam Road Hawker Centre.

Halfway thru' my dinner, I asked Mummy for the camera.

Check out the kopicino. Nice, eh?

Seeing that I 难得 ask for the cam, Papa decided to pose for the photo.

Recently, I'm inspired to be like one of the famous wedding photographers...
Titling my cam at an angle.

we ate fish ball and roti prata.
Two of my favourite food.
I was so happy.

at night, I had a bad cough.
Mummy think it's the oil they used for the prata.
so no more prata for me from Adam Road.

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