Monday, May 4, 2009


Was admitted into thomson medical centre for having pneumonia.

see my hand... boohoohoo... I don't like this. I'm scared of it.
The other hand was also bandaged up to prevent me from pulling out the needle on my left.
but papa freed it later after making me promise not to touch my left hand.

At night, I didn't want to stay in the hospital.
Mummy and the nurses said only Doctor can allow me to go home and I must ask him.
I told Mummy to bring me to Dr Keoy but she said Doc will come and see me.
I told her I want to wait for Doctor and refused to z
but sat on the bed to wait for Doctor.
Later Mummy told me that Papa will buy Lego Percy for me if I go to sleep so I lied down and slept.
I was really tired.

It was a traumatizing day for me.
I had to go thru'
Blood Test
"installation" of the needle at the back of my hand (to facilitate administration of medicine)
Physio therapy (which is actually patting really hard on my back. both sides. argh! I hate that)

Please pray for my speedy recovery.


sunflower said...

Poor boy. Take care

kkf said...

wow quite serious, hope you will be well soon! dash gor gor is also coughing...sianz...stupid weather, hope you and dash gor gor will be healthy everyday. btw, u r such a brave boy! last time when dash gor gor had bronchitis, getting him to breath in the mask was a great great challenge!!!

Hann Hann said...

o. it was a challenge for me too. but since I stayed in here, it's ok. there are worst things...