Sunday, May 10, 2009

残而不废:two bandaged hands

See my two poor hands...
I'm only smiling because papa is searching for the contact of the Lego Shops so he can order Thomas and Friends Lego for me.

I was traumatized and terrorized today.
My the vein on my right hand rest so I needa change the IV inlet to my left hand again.
but but but...
I was tensed and cried loudly,
my "stand-in" doc couldn't get the vein...
after the 2nd try, Mummy requested to stick to my right hand.
Doc decided to give it another shot.
but it failed again.
so now my left hand has 3 holes and a bandage on it.

Despite the pain (pain hor, you try poking ya hand 3xs with blood coming out and all),
I can still use the camera.
Seeing Mummy take pictures of me, I decided to take picture of her too.

the next two photos are taken by me:
This is part of my hospital room.
behind the curtain lies the super duper noisy boy.
He can cry fortissimo non-stop for 1 to 2 hours.
loud one, k?
Last night, he cried from 11+ til 1+.
Mummy couldn't z.
I fell az before his nonsense so I wasn't so disturbed.
after that, 4am+ he cried again, and Mummy was woken up by his screams.
No loh, it's not because he is uncomfortable or what.
He is just throwing tantrums.

There's Mummy taking photo of me with her handphone cos I took over her camera.

Not only I can take pictures,
I can play too.
I'm putting the stickers onto my Thomas toy: Thomas Big Loader.
Papa bought for me when I 1st switch my IV inlet from left to right.
I wanta Lego Percy, Lego James, and Lego Spencer
but papa can't find them.

My current IV inlet is painful now and I was told that I will need to change again later.
Please pray that God will take over doc's hands and give her success the 1st time she try later so I won't have to go thru' all the trauma.
In Jesus' name I pray, Amen!


byihui said...

oh dear, must be really heartache for papa and mama. must get well soon! may the Lord bless u...

kkf said...

heartpain...poor hann...gets well soon! hann is really a brave boy leh. dash gor gor is never as brave as u.

levine said...

get well soon, Hann!! A brave boy there.

sunflower said...

Are you back home?

Hann Hann said...

auntie byihui, auntie kkf and auntie levine,