Monday, May 11, 2009

Can't go home

Last night, Papa told me that I'm going home today.

When I woke up, the 1st thing I told Mummy was
"I'm going home today right?"

Mummy didn't know how to break the news to me...
She said will have to see the doctor 1st.

what happened was
They can't find a suitable oral antibiotics for me to go home so Doc wants me to continue with the IV antibiotics.
I hate it.
I'm scared of it.

My current inlet is now super painful.
Morning, they administer the IV antibiotics.
It was so painful, even my favourite Little Einsteins DVD can't distract me.
I hugged Mummy and cried.

Mummy decided to exercise her "custom rights" and requested for another doctor to change the inlet for me.

One of mummy's friend once said,
"Sometimes you meet your destiny on the road you took to avoid it."
Oh well. The doctor who changed my IV inlet was the very one Mummy tried to avoid.

She didnt' allow Mummy in the room with me when she changed the inlet for me.
I cried so hard.
I want mummy.

when it's done and Mummy brought me back to my room,
I told her,
"I was very scared."

Mummy's heart broke.

Mummy is down with fever and sore throat.
She has to wear a mask so she won't pass her virus to me.
I didn't like it initially but didn't make a fuss.

Mummy told me that she is sick and needs to go home and rest.
"I'm also sick and needs to go home and rest," was my reply.
Mummy decided to stay til i fall az so I won't notice her absence.
Actually she very much wants to stay with me but I reckon she's afraid that she might pass the virus to me.

Doc came.
She said can't find a suitable oral antibiotics
and advised me to finish one week of the IV antibiotics.
which means I can only go home on Thursday.

My mummy is reluctant, seeing how much pain I have to go thru' to do the IV.
She's also afraid that my veins might be spoiled.
any1 knows if her concern is a valid one?

Dr Keoy is coming back tomorrow.
We'll see what he says...


pc said...

to hann's mama,
i kind of agree with what your friend's said. hope God has a reason for all these:). hope dr keoy will be kind to you and hann.

mama be strong. bless both of you:).

sunflower said...

She is harsh to you. :s if she did tat to us, I will protest and think will definitely quarrel with her.

Actually she is not the usual PD of Yvette. The PD of Yvette has retired and I gave birth in Glen E.

Hope you and yr child feeling much better le.

Ing said...

How's Hann now? Hope he's already better and back home with you...

I feel your pain reading this. Pls get well, Hann Hann and mummy!

Jason said...

Hi to all friends and relatives,

Thanks for your concern.

Hann is already home on Tue but still on Anti-biotic and subjected to review. He is still having some cough and sneezes.

Ariel was sick (with fever) since Mon. Now the fever has subsided but she is still having some cough and feeling weak.

Prayer is still very much needed.


kkf said...

May hann and your mummy get well very quickly! all the best...