Friday, May 8, 2009

intravenous antibiotics

"intravenous antibiotics"
sounds chim or what?

It means the antibiotics are administrated thru' the veins.
that's what they're doing to me and it's super painful.
Please pray that it will be less painful for me.

forgot to ask you guys in yesterday's post if you noticed any difference in my hands...
from two days ago.

See, I can hold a spoon and feed myself with my "special hand".
Clever or what? ha.

Answer to the previous question:
my special hand has switched from left to right.
My left hand was starting to get painful on Day3 so doctor switched the "inlet" for the antibiotics to my right hand.

this one on the right is supposed to last me from Thursday to Sunday.
4 days!
with a more painful medication.

I super need prayers siah!
Please pray for me.
Please, God, make it less painful for me.

This is one of the "worse things" than using the neubuliser.

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