Monday, June 1, 2009

Day out with the girls: Raffles Museum

Pardon the blurry photos.
Mummy didn't on the flash and we were moving so quickly.

We were on our way to nuffnang to collect the family- day-out prize,
and since it near Caitlin's place, Mummy thought we'd meet them for lunch.
instead, Auntie Adeline and Caitlin were at the Raffles Museum and invited us to join them.

The girls welcoming me.
They had already gone one round the gallery.

On our way there, Mummy had prepared me for what I was going to see - Dead Animals.
cos I'm really a "scary cat", afraid of everything and anything.
"dead", she said. "They are preserved."
"They're in the prison?" I asked.
"Not prison. Preserved." Mummy laughed.
but she forgot to explain what is "preserved".

It helped anyway.
I was really brave at the gallery and not afraid of the preserved animals.

The girls all asked for their mummies' cameras when they saw mine whipping out hers.

and I was the most popular subject for their shots.

snap! again.

Auntie Adeline and HengHeng looking at the "water bottles".
that's what I called these jars.

I didn't dare to go too near these though.

Just before going for lunch,
we went for a walk at their Phylogenic Garden (see signboard at the end of the corridor).
Sorry, no pictures.
Mummy was feeling bad about using her camera
cos the other mums seems to be anti-cameras.

Enjoying our avocado-milkshake at the NUS Science Canteen.
a brunch of cute toddlers like us are a rare sight in NUS so we received many adoring looks from the people there.

It was a really fun outing.
Thanx for inviting us, Auntie Adeline.
Mummy never thought she will bring me there cos having seen Jireh's blog entry on the museum, she thought I'll have frightened by the dead animals.
plus jireh said it was usually only open to researchers and their visit was the 1st time it's open to public so Mummy thought we had missed the open house.
but no leh.
"public gallery" means for public right?
we just went in.

For Public Gallery

Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm (GMT+8)

(Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)

So, Jireh, you can go again, anytime!

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byihui said...

hey, is that heng heng and layla with u at the outing too? i was invited to go by layla's mummy last friday too but didn't cos we had another appt.

would have been a real surprise if we had gone, so wierd seeing the kid's blogs and then bumping into the real people, heh heh...