Tuesday, June 2, 2009

we won!

Guess where Hengheng and I are at?

This photo is taken by me.
Look at the sign at the door, Can you make out where we are?

We were at nuffnang to collect a prize!

from Raine jiejie.
Mummy was surprised that she reads my blog!
This photo was taken by me.
Mummy told me to ask her if I can post her photo on my blog and she gracefully said yes.

HengHeng took this photo of me shooting her.

We won 7 tickets to the Hippo River Cruise.
Check out my winning entry.

well... we didn't go to the Hippo River Cruise cos we had other plans.
Gave the tickets to Alexis.
Hope she went and had a good time.


kkf said...

wowowow congrats~

pc said...

7 seats! that's fabulous!!! now only i know!

btw, i love the pic you took on hy. can i ask hardcopy? with hann's signature at the back~. *grin*

otherwise, softcaopy will be great too.

Hann Hann said...

thanx, auntie kkf.

auntie pc, mummy will send u the soft copy. have many other nice ones... taken by me. ha!

how bout those of me taken by Hengheng? can send to me?
I'd love to include in this blog entry.

Sunflower said...


ED said...

Wow...Well done!


pc said...

hengheng's skill is pretty bad. or perhaps my camera is not good. will try to DL the pics from my phone and forward the pics.

thanks and i received. really good skill of hann:)

will catch up with you again. it was fun outing!