Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Janelle!

no mood to blog.
or rather, can't blog.
cos I'm very sick.
Haven't eaten since Tuesday.
stomach flu.

Just to log photographs taken by me.

all pictures in this post are taken by me, Hann, except the last two.

Oops. didn't capture the birthday girl.

There she is!

Happy birthday!

Janelle jiejie

Guess who will smash the cake this time?

Nay... nobody did.
Love the pretty and yummy cake.
Prima Deli is still the best.

My pictures not bad ba?
any1 wanta hire me as your event photographer?

After the cake, I wanteda go for water play at the pool outside but alas, Mummy didn't bring my swimsuit (aka Shortie).

Thanx to Auntie Ada for lending me Janelle jiejie's shortie.
Jireh and I are pretending to be animals in the water.

Mummy thinks I look super slim in this shortie.
Also thanx to Uncle Yong for supervising me.
Mummy was not in the right attire to get into water.

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