Sunday, June 28, 2009

hospitalised again

Hydralyte freezer pops

This is what I have been surviving on since Tuesday night.

It all started on Tuesday.
I went to school as usual.
but what unusual was...
I was lethargic and ate very little for breakfast and lunch
I didn't want to do anything except to lie down on my cot.
the school called Mummy to pick me up.

since then i have not eaten anything significant - a little bit of bread on one day, half a pancake roll on the other and nothing on one.

I survived on this electrolyte drink loh.
Since Tuesday, I've been lying in bed and only get up to go to the washroom and the doctors'.
(have seen 2 doctors, 2 times each)
It was so bad that everything I do fell asleep, Mummy worried that I will not wake up again.

Saturday 27 June 2009
went to see my favourite doctor for the 2nd time.
He said I not enough water, must stay-in and be put on drip.

stay in the hospital again?!

yah... no choice.
This is my 2nd day in the hospital.

Our home laptop is spoiled so no "live" update this time.

Please pray that I'll be much better tomorrow and can go home.


pc said...

bless you and mama:).

levine said...

must get well soon ya!

sunflower said...

Oh dear, get well soon!