Thursday, August 27, 2009

Playground 之 it's great to have an older kid to play with

I passed by this playground countless times.
It's on the way from my home to the library.
Usually I'll just go in and out of the rope-ladders.
I don't really dare to climb up these ladders.

That day, I met this jiejie at the playground.
She's in Primary 1.
She encouraged and taught me how to climb up this rope ladder.
From there, I became more confident and can climb the rope ladders (upright and also inclined) myself.

Once, I slipped and lost my footing though my hands were still holding tightly to the rope.
In an attempt to grab my arm to "save" me,
Mummy accidentally scratched my face.

Later jiejie brought me to play on this merry-go-round. I sat on it while she spun it and hop on.
I had so much fun and kept laughing.
Mummy was so worried that I'll fly out, her heart was in her mouth.
Well... nothing happend to me.


Dinner time.
Mummy saw the scratch she made on my face while trying to save me at the playground and started to tear.
I didn't say anything about it but just carried on playing with my toys until the food arrived.

After dinner, we went to the supermarket before going home.

When we got home, I asked Mummy,
"Mummy, why were you sad just now?"

Mummy was surprised and told me that she was sad because I always fall sick.
I want to keep myself health and promised to drink all the yucky drinks that she gives me for the sake of good health.


pc said...

dear mama,
你相信吗? 这只是个过渡期。

老人家说, 生病的孩子都比较懂性…我,相信…


kkf said...

Really hope our lovely children will be free from all the sickness and illnesses and whatever! hann, jia you!!!

Hann Hann said...

thanx, pc and kkf.

Sunflower said...

Perhaps you wan to review his diet.

You want to read this book,

Disease proof your child by Dr Joel Fuhrman.

Read about this post here

Actually it is quite true breast-fed kid hardly get sick.

And yes, Yvette is still very young, I can't guarantee she wont be as sick. *TOUCHWOOD*

But we do our best.

P/S: I can pass you the book as I go Bishan quite frequently.

Hann Hann said...

"it is quite true breast-fed kid hardly get sick."
then I seriously think there's something wrong with my milk loh.
Hann is breastfed til 3.25 years old. As much as I'd like to continue, my health took a dive to the worse so I have to change to a non-bf friendly medication.

I read ya post on the book. but find it difficult to adjust cos Hann is not into veg n fruits. perhaps that explains it all. Also, I don't cook.

nonetheless, think i might just pick up the book to read.

now we're trying the supplement way. see how it goes...

Sunflower said...

Alamak, I dont mean your milk got problem leh..

You can slowly introduce fruit and vegetable to him.

IT always take time for the change.

You want me to pass the book to you?

Sunflower said...

Something more to add :D:D:D

Breastfeeding is foundation. After lying the foundation you need to build pillar thus all the nutrition from all foods come in.

You can try to give him fruit juice everyday first. Then slowly give vegetable juice. Then start giving him fruits and eventually vegetable.

The above are just my 2 cent worth.

Take care!