Friday, September 25, 2009

Nemo, Dory, Dolphin

did this about one or two months ago at Art class.

it's a 3-part painting where Teacher Maria encouraged us to paint a story.

Mine goes:
1. One day there was were two fish called nemo and dory and was were swimming opposite ways. and then they said, "hello. byebye." and then they swim opposite ways.

2. and then Nemo come came to a big wave! said, "oh my dear, what can I do?"

3. and then dolphin jumped over Nemo's tail.


kkf said...

so nice...

kikimama said...

Hi, do you mind sharing the contact of this art teacher? My dd is turning 4yo and very keen in art! Also, I've bookmarked your blog coz super resourceful about kids events in sg!