Tuesday, September 8, 2009

puzzles revisited 之 baby animals

Mummy dug out my old Infantino Peek-a-boo Animal Puzzles.

~ picture taken from www.infantino.com

This was a gift from Aunty Rachel for my 1st birthday.

You're supposed to make the animal to its home and when you open up the home, u'll be able to see the animal's baby.

When I was 1-year-old, I cannot match the animal to his home without 1st lifting up the tabs to reveal the baby animals before I can match them to their mummies.

now at 3-year 4months, I can match the animals to their homes effortlessly. Then lift up the tabs to see their babies.

After matching each pair, I place them side-by-side to form a long "train".

Thanx again for this puzzle, Aunty Rachel.


kkf said...

i am always amaze with the ability of hann to do puzzles. My boy can never do that!

Joyce Long said...

interesting puzzle..wow..hann is very clever..btw there is a ben and jerry festival at marina barrage..you may keen to bring hann there for an outing..

Hann Hann said...

thanx for the compliment, aunties.

When is it, auntie joyce?