Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meimei's name and blog

We've finally decided on meimei's name -
Leong Man Jade

You can read more about her name at her blog

Yup. We've decided to have two seperate blogs cos we're going to blog about different things.
I'll continue to blog about places to go, events and happenings for older kids
while meimei will blog about baby stuff - what baby uses, breastfeeding, etc.


kkf said...

par seh to say, as chinese teacher, i dun know how to read the last word, and needs to search dictionary...haha.
liang wen xi, nice name!

kkf said...

but why her english name is leong man jade (xi?)? jade is christian name is it?

Hann Hann said...

hahaha. My Mummy was going to ask u if u can read the name since u're chinese teacher.

go see the post on her name. got trick to read. Man Jade is the dialect name like mine.