Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Right Start Math vs Monkey Math

Before meimei's arrival,

I've been doing Maths with Mummy,

been using this book we bought from NTUC.

to help me learn addition and subtraction.

~ picture taken by me, Hann! ~

I also use this Monkey Maths Scale to

check my answers.

We call these Monkey Maths because there's a picture of a monkey on cover of the activity book as well as the monkey on the Maths Scale.

Mummy also found a good homeschool Math program - RightStart Mathematics thru' Auntie Pauline's recommendation and thought she can do it with me since she'll be a Stay-At-Home-Mum for half a year.

The package arrived during Mummy's confinement.

I was excited to see that the package's for me and eager to check out all the items.

I love Math lessons with Mummy and want to have them everyday.
As far as possible, Mummy tries to have one lesson with me each day but sometimes, when meimei too demanding, or we get home late, we won't have lessons =(

Will try to blog more about the RightStart Math lessons.


Jason said...

Wow! Do the maths and check answer by himself...its more like the Kumon approach liao.

kkf said...

you took no pay leave? anyway, this looks interesting!but i doubt i have the time to do that with dash...sigh.

Shirley said...

Heard about Right Start Maths but thought it was rather expensive though I didnt do any enquiry on it.

Hmm... maybe when I pop over to your house, can see what it is. Haha!! Then see whether is it worth it or not. Lol

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...

kkf, yah. taking NPL til end of the year.
Which's interesting? Monkey or RightStart?

Shirley, sure! pop by anytime.
think Jireh's too advance for the 1st few lessons though.

Sunflower said...

Hey, you know what, I think I love you can blog more now due to your leave. Can extend for another year?

I am interested in this too.