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hfmd scare and what parents should know about hfmd

ST Breaking News Aug 26, 2010
HFMD still spreading
Number of cases topped 1,000 last week; four schools on watch list
By Amresh Gunasingham

HAND, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) has continued spreading across the island, taking the number of cases past the 1,000 mark last week for the first time this year.

Last week, 1,261 children were diagnosed with the disease, ...

Cumulatively this year, 20,249 children have come down with this ...

Of the number, 259 or 1.3 per cent of the children have needed hospitalisation.

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Wed 25th August 2010

I was rejected by school because there is one red dot on my palm.
Thank God that it is NOT hand foot mouth disease (hfmd).

So Mummy decided that we need to celebrate!

at my favourite restaurant!

and we brought meimei to the library.

though I'm brave, Mummy don't think she's brave enough to send me back to school cos there are 2 cases of hfmd (reported last Friday and over the last weekend) in my class.
So I get to stay home until next week.

we wonder why my class is the one that always kena hfmd. Other classes don't kena so often.

When we were in the clinic, there was another girl who was rejected by her school.
She was not so lucky.
She's caught the hfmd.

Mummy observed that the girl's parents were in denial.
even after Doc told them that she has BOTH oral thrust and hfmd,
they kept saying that, "so she doesn't have hfmd lah?"

When they finally accepted the fact that their daughter is down with hfmd, the nurse told them that they have to isolate her.
They, however, seem not to know the meaning of "isolate".
They asked what if there are other children in the house.
(of cos keep them away lah)
When told the girl is not to share food with others,
the father asked, "then can we can share with her?"
(aiyoh! adults also can get hfmd loh)

Mummy then recalled of another cases where some1 she knew was also in denial when the doctor tell her that her child has hfmd.
it also seems parents are still quite ignorant of hfmd and how it spreads or they simply bo-chap (don't care)?

What parents need to know about hfmd:

1. symptoms are
Sore throat
Rash (flat or raised red spots) or small blisters on palms of hands, soles of feet, or buttocks
Mouth ulcers
Poor appetite
Note: You DON'T need to have all these to qualify as hfmd.

2. How it is transmitted
HFMD is spread from person to person by direct contact with the nasal discharge, saliva, faeces and fluid from the rash of an infected person.
Both adults and children can be affected, but young children below five years are particularly susceptible.
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3. isolate
therefore if some1 has hfmd, he should be isolated, i.e. kept away from others especially children, at home.

4. Do not share food and share eating utensils

5. wash / sterilise your hands more often
especially before eating and after going to the toilet.

6. stay away
if your class has some1 who is infected with hfmd, try to stay away from school for 10 days.

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kkf said...

not easy. the spread is very fast. dash's school had it before, one after another. hard to keep away from school for so long, as one got it, then few days later, another also got it, then more days later another got it....never ending....think need more than 10 days. unless the school closes.