Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crocodile Soup at Dian Xiao Er

Tue 8 Sep 2010

Was having a bad cough for past few days.
Even the puff was not working so mummy decided to keep me at home so that she can bring me to the doctor.

but even after taking the new medicine, my cough was equally bad.

Evening, my papa brought us to
Dian Xiao Er.

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"Are we in China?" I asked Papa.

Diao Xiao Er is famous for its roast duck, which is really yummy according to my parents,
(I try to avoid eating duck and chicken because they causes phlegm.)
but we were not there for the duck.

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We were there for the crocodile soup.
Do you know that crocodile meat is great for cough?

well... my parents decided to let me give it a try and...
I stopped coughing immediately after drinking the soup.
I didn't really like the taste, though. My parents forced cajoled me to drink it and also added it to my rice.

Believe it or not, next time u have a cough, try crocodile soup!
It's great for asthma too.
click read more about crocodile meat and its effects.

pss... Diao Xiao Er also has stir fried crocodile meat.


kkf said...

wow, so good! dash still coughs no matter what he eats or tries...sigh

Hann Hann said...

need long term treatment bah...